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Carmelo Blandino‘s approach to flower portraits conjures a bit of Dali and Van Gogh with his visualizations of swirling fragrances and transcendent energies:

“My work is a continuance of the practice of the Buddhist monks who would bring a single flower to their meditation session. They would ask the students to stare at it in silence for a long period of time. Eventually, the student comes to realize that he is gazing upon his own true form: a higher Self materializes within the form of the flower and the flower transcends beyond its visual appearance. Recognizing that all energy originates from one source, the mind is elevated to a more enlightened. The student and the flower are one.”

Carmelo Blandino_As Above So Within

Carmelo Blandino_Purity

Carmelo Blandino_The Great Shining

Carmelo Blandino_Falling Into Grace

Carmelo Blandino_Empty the Mind

Carmelo Blandino_A Gentile Persuasion

Carmelo Blandino_Songs Of Innocence

Carmelo Blandino_Stillness

Carmelo Blandino_Tao De Ching

Carmelo Blandino_Rebirth

Carmelo Blandino_The Stillness Within

Carmelo Blandino_The Unfolding

Carmelo Blandino_Penetrating The Dream


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