SUBPAC is the missing link between simply hearing music and being completely immersed in it.

The Physical Sound technologists based in Los Angeles picked TRYGA for delivering their vision of SUBPAC online.

Backed by such luminaries as Andy Rubin (co-founder: Android), Faurecia (top 10 global automotive supplier), Timbaland, Richie Hawtin and many more, SUBPAC is paving the way for immersive wearables.


FEEL SUBPAC is a platform to explore and experiment with the physical dimension of sound.

SUBPAC’s goal is to create a world with a deeper connection to music & sound by working alongside artists, producers and sound designers to unlock the potential of physical sound, to introduce the FEELING.

SUBPAC was created for music producers, sound designers and fans of immersive audio as both a more effective way to connect to sound, and a new canvas to create on.

One day we will all look back and ask “remember when we could only hear sound, and not feel it?”

That day is upon us.


“Tryga Design is a lethal combination of up to date knowledge of internet technologies, creative problem solving abilities, keen and flexible visual aesthetics, and an ability to combine them all to bring a project home on a ridiculously short deadline. Sank is a Ninja!”

~ Sean Leonard