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The branding that Sank crafts is best described as future-proof: steering clear of market-saturated, popular trends, Sank’s logos resonate with the intended demographic without alienating potential fans.

David Starfire

FreQ Nasty Logo

Desert Dwellers


“Every time I come to Sank with an idea he comes back with something way better than I could have ever imagined. Fantastic work every time. He puts in the effort to fully understand the concept you’re going after and then brings it to life.”


“In working on our project together, I appreciated and respected that Sank began by asking me to provide preliminary notes to be used as a guide for the aesthetic and energetic direction of the logo concept. These notes served as a invaluable resource in keeping focused on what I set out to achieve. He was able to take my initial sketches for the two-letter logo and develop it in a way that expressed a keen sensitivity to my ideas while blasting it out beyond anything I had previously imagined!”