Anoushka Shankar website 2013

website 2011

Grammy-nominated Anoushka Shankar (daughter to music icon Ravi Shankar and sister to Norah Jones) came to Sank in 2005 to revamp her web-presence. The result was a Flash/HTML hybrid.

2011 saw the launch of a rebranded HTML5 site.

Anoushka Shankar Vevo Landing

Vevo Landing 2015

Anoushka Shankar Flash Site (2005-2009)

Flash site 2005

“Sank has been designing and maintaining my professional website for many years. At the time that I released an album called “Rise,” he helped totally redesign the look and feel of the website, and since then has continued to help keep it in line with the overall feel of my work as that changes and progresses. He’s a pleasure to work with and incredibly creative and technically knowledgeable. Not to mention a lovely friend!”