Clients are buzzing:

Tryga Design is a lethal combination of up to date knowledge of internet technologies, creative problem solving abilities, keen and flexible visual aesthetics, and an ability to combine them all to bring a project home on a ridiculously short deadline.
Sank is a Ninja!


Every time I come to Sank with an idea he comes back with something way better than I could have ever imagined.
Fantastic work every time.
He puts in the effort to fully understand the concept you're going after and then brings it to life.


Sank has been designing and maintaining my professional website for many years.
At the time that I released an album called "Rise," he helped totally redesign the look and feel of the website, and since then has continued to help keep it in line with the overall feel of my work as that changes and progresses.
He's a pleasure to work with and incredibly creative and technically knowledgeable.
Not to mention a lovely friend!

~ Anoushka Shankar

Sank is very skillful at both the graphic design and programming aspects for our Desert Dwellers website. As a graphic designer myself for the past 15 years, I was extremely happy with the designs that he came up with for us.

He was very open to my feedback and getting the look just right to match all our pre existing branding. The programming side of the site is just amazing, and it has been so easy for me to add new content and change things on my own.

Sank has always been there to answer questions or make things even better when we need to. On top of that he is very knowledgeable in the music industry and what widgets and technologies are best suited for music artists.

Sank is always the first person I send people to when they are needing a designer or web developer.

~ Desert Dwellers

Sank is always my first choice for design work from graphics to websites. He's very professional and the absolute best designer I have come across.

~ David Starfire

Sank is a pleasure to collab with, able to easily get on the same creative wavelength when developing my logo and the websites weaving my concepts into a cohesive and functional whole. And his album art speaks for itself... amazing!

~ FreQ Nasty