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Lose Your Mind: Jake Fried

I know some people that are so far-gone with artistic genius that they doodle incessantly, sometimes on top of what they just drew, and the image evolves and mutates over time into something […]

Allen Williams: Godly Graphite

There’s something very special about Allen Williams art: it packs all the requisite detail (and then some) into a tiny frame, much like the classical masters of realism. However Williams’ subject matter is […]

Burning Man from a Distance

This time-lapse of 2013’s Burning Man is great to watch unfold – at times it looks like some strange alien manifestation…


Poland. Why you so creative?

Again. Poland. Seeping unabashed creativity from the seams. Poland’s innumerable artistic denizens is parallel to Australia’s monstrous musical output. I’m going to have to look further into this phenomenon, but for now, take […]

Hans Rudolf Giger – 1940-2014

Swiss surrealist master, sculptor and set designer HR Giger died today, leaving behind a legacy of of visual thought that has infected generations to date and more to come with his (once unique) […]

HR Giger 1940-2014

Tipper & Android Jones

Last week with Modala I had the pleasure of putting up the landing page for Tipper’s new album teaser featuring the artwork of Android Jones. There’s now a time-lapse of his creation of […]


Dream Weaver

Creative coder Yuri Vishnevsky & musician Mat Jarvis over at Weavesilk have developed a very calming interactive artistic experience for you. There’s a great interview over at Giant Fire Breathing Robot: Yuri Vishnevsky: […]



Erik Aberg is taking Buckminster Fuller ideals to a more artistic realm with is uniquely-connected boxes. There could be industrial applications of this design just like the geodesic domes of Fuller.

The Magic of Cryptcrawler

Self-taught (!) artist Brad Rigney aka Cryptcrawler is very passionate about his life and work. His Og Mandinoin view on life is refreshing if not all-believable, but take read of this great interview […]


The Unseen Energies of Flowers

Carmelo Blandino‘s approach to flower portraits conjures a bit of Dali and Van Gogh with his visualizations of swirling fragrances and transcendent energies: “My work is a continuance of the practice of the […]

Carmelo Blandino

Bio Mechanics: Peter Gric

Eastern European and prolific airbrush artist Peter Gric carries on the Giger torch with a more geometric and architectural vibe that really sets his work on its own.